Survey Grade Droning Edmonton, Prince George and Kitimat, BC

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Party Chief Inc provides precision survey grade droning services from Edmonton to Kitimat and everywhere in between. We use the best available technology and are able to perform the most accurate aerial surveys with high precision. We can produce orthophotos with an accuracy of 2cm vertically and horizontally. We use top of the line equipment. Our drone uptime is currently at 99%. We have a replacement drone available within 48 hours at all times to ensure your project is kept on track with minimum downtime.

Use our survey droning services for pipline inspection, earthworks and volume management, site planning.

We provide our aerial survey point clouds in many formats including but not limited to .las, .laz, .xyz, .ply.

We can provide a digital surface model in Grid DSM as well as Raster DSM.

Our digital terrain models are provided as Raster DTM.

Orthomosaic’s are provided in GeoTIFF, KML file or Google Maps HTML file.

We provide line work with our aerial drone surveys as Polyline, Surface and Volume base surface in .shp, .dxf,.kml, .dgn.

3D textured mesh is provided as .obj, .fbx, .dxf, .ply, .pdf, .osgb and .slpk.

Our droning services are second to none. We provide a 2 man crew and all day drone services for $2500 per day which includes all of your processing time. Contact us today for all of your aerial survey services from Edmonton to Kitimat, BC.