Topographic surveyor in British Columbia and Alberta



We gather field data and produce digital plans, drawings and maps
using the latest technology. Taking advantage of drones, RTK GPS, laser
scanners and robotic total stations to produce highly accurate data quickly.



Collecting a perfect snapshot of an original ground surface is key to any large or small construction planning project. Our topographic surveyors use all the newest methods of survey field data capture, collection and presentation.

Topographic surveying and geomatics services are a large part of our business. By harnessing the latest in technology we vastly reduce the time needed to produce a much higher quality of data than ever thought was possible.

We use drones, scanners, photography, RTK GPS and Fully Robotic total stations to capture the field data that you need and trust.

By retaining us to provide you with topographic field data, mapping and surveys you can be assured that you are receiving the absolute best quality of data available. Our surveyors take pride in even the most tedious surveys in any type of conditions.

Remote topographical surveying and sensing is one of our most sought after positions in our company.

Our heliportable and remote surving services are used by clients who want peace of mind that they have hired the right company to do a remote and dangerous job well. Hydroelectric companies use us in the most difficult projects available. Oil and gas companies use us because they need trusted data from a vendor. Civil Engineers retain our topographical survey services to provide them highly detailed and very accurate asbuilt and original ground surveys.

We trust and use AutoDesk Civil3D. Click here to visit their website.
Complyworks is the prequalification service we use. Click here to visit their website.
Check out PCI Surveys on Avetta.
We use leica and hexagon products on most every survey and geomatics project. Click here to visit their website.